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A short history of speaker designed by me (Anders Simonsson)


1980 - A very hard damped mini monitor where to minimize colouration and maximize the sound stage was of highest priority.


1981 - A 3 way model with the same ideas as the H1. But the cabinet was not as stable.


1982 - a gigantic 3 way speaker, with sand-filled walls for the bass and baffle for the midrange. Now more focus on transient response and "definition". .


1983 - a smaller 3 way speaker with advanced filters.


1984 - a very large 3 way speaker with 15 inches bass unit on a sand-filled baffle. (about 10cm of sand=heavy..) With own designed Active X-overs. Very impressive bass, but problem with the homogeneity,


1984/85 The first speaker with musical involvement as the main idea. 2 way design in birch plywood. DaCapo was produced in a small series. .


Floor stander as a kit which was sold by Tonläget, Even a couple of "build your own speaker event".. Some Diro was made in "a happy colour"!


A very well built speaker in layers, and was made in small series. Today a pair are used in the shops system for tuning LP12's.

Klångedang T1

2003 - First prototype with the same type of X-overs

2011 - Changing to current bass and treble units.