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M2 - early preliminary information

Hopefully we will have the prototype in the shop soon and then it will be hard to keep it a secret. But we don´t know if it ever will go into "production".

The M2 has a solid wood front and a solid wood back, rest of the speaker is aluminum. In other words it share the same principle with aluminum with wood in both "ends" as the T1. The treble unit and mid unit is the same as for T1. The bass unit is similar to the mid but larger and Nomex.

We will start to develop both passive X-overs and active X-overs for Exaktboxes. But it is possible the passive version never will be good enough.

The price for M2 will probably be about 2 or 3 times the price for T1.
Versions: preliminary

  • M2
  • M2 Aktiv (for use with separate active X-overs)
Prices for the versions above are including a professional installation, but do not include travel time cost for the installer.