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The T1 is our first modell and it has a long history of upgrades. It is integrated with the stands which has a rigid aluminum profile, and the stands also house the very special "Direkt Referens X-over".

The cabinet in solid wood - the aluminum stand - and the solid wood foot gives a mechanical system the works well. The aluminum gives the stability and the wood in both ends kills most of the resonances in the aluminum profile.

Direct synchronous serial filter

With the X-over in the stand it is possible to connect the amplifier direct to the speaker, and then let the X-over take the signal back from there. In the previous versions the signal first went to the X-over box and after that to the speakers.

The T1 is now "plug and play". Just put on the spikes and plug in and play! But it still needs a lot of running in before it really performs.

The Direct synchronous serial filter is what makes the T1 the unique speaker it is, and it has taken about 7 years to come very we are today. I guess about 75% of the development work on the T1 is just on the Direct synchronous serial X-over.

We believe the T1 is one of the best small speaker on the market.

  • T1 handcrafted in solid wood
Prices for the versions above are including a professional installation, but do not include travel time cost for the installer.
Because of the progress with the Direkt Referens X-over we have decided to remove the aktive version. Version for active use is available on special order.